Takhassus Fil Aqida Online Course

Beliefs and actions are fundamentals of our religion. Having correct beliefs lead to salvation, having correct actions leads to closeness to Allah and one’s status is dependent on actions: the better actions, the higher one’s status. Beliefs and masaail (rulings) are taught in the light of principles (usools).
To fulfil this need, we are starting a one-year course of Takhassus for scholars (Ulamaa) in which the following three topics will be taught:
Usool Aqaaid Masaail (rulings)

The purpose of this course:
• A firm grasp on Aqaaid
• The enthusiasm to do good actions
• The method of having a principled conversation

Course Syllabus:
• Usool e Tafseer
• Usool e Aqaaid
• Usool e Jarrah wa Ta’deel
• Usool e Tareekh
• Usool e Hadith
• Usool e Iftaa
• Usool e Munazarah
• Aqaaid e Islamiyyah
Files for these topics will be made in pdf format, which will be provided by the Markaz with the will of Allah SWT.

Special lessons will be delivered by:
Mutakallime Islam Maulana Muhammad Ilyas Ghuman

Rules and Regulations:
• The duration of this course will be 10 months.
• The course will begin on the 15th of Shawwaal and will end on the 15th of Sha’baan.
• Lessons will take place twice a week, on Saturday and Sunday.
• The course will be 2 hours long, 12PM – 2PM (EST)
• The last day of registration will be on the 10th of Shawwaal.
• Interviews will commence between the 11th of Shawwaal until the 15th of Shawwaal. Final entry will be given after the interview.
• The lessons will begin on the 16th of Shawwaal.
• Classes will take place on Zoom.
• Entry fee, to be paid only at the start, is $25
• Monthly fees are $10

To Register, please click here.