Brother’s Academic Program

Brother's Academic Program

Darul Uloom New York features a strong academic program that is conducted side-by-side with the Hifz & Naazra course, Alim course, and Alimah course. With a dedicated staff of qualified teachers who are joined by a support team of volunteer at the school, we provide academic tutoring from 4th grade to the 10th grade levels. Alhamdulillah, children are surrounded by caring and loving mentors who wish to develop our children both in knowledge and in faith. Our rich academic program is seasoned with engaging activities and integration of Islamic principles throughout the content areas so that children may comprehend the material from an Islamic perspective.

The subjects of MATH, ENGLISH, SCIENCE, and SOCIAL STUDIES are taught by qualified Muslim teachers. Students who are not fluent in English are enrolled into an ESL (English as a second language) course. Moreover, a GED/SAT-preparation course and tutoring is available for students above the 10th grade level through which they are able to attain a high school diploma.

You are welcome to visit Darul Uloom New York! It would be our honor and privilege to serve you by giving you a school tour, a classroom visit, or a meeting with the principal. We have much to celebrate here at Darul Uloom New York. Please call the main office to make an appointment.

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