• The applicant must be at least 9 years old or must have completed the 3rd grade.
  • Do not remove your child from his/her previous public/private school. After the interview, we will help you through the transfer process.
  • Student must be at least 9 years old or completed 3rd grade.
  • Student must not be above 16 years of age.


  • Absentees on admission day will not be accepted into the program.
  • Students accepted into a program will not be allowed to continue studying in another institute, school, college, university, etc. simultaneously.
  • Students must go through the admission process in-person on admission day.
  • Only after an in-person evaluation and approval by the Dean and Principal, student will be enrolled into the program.
  • Students will be evaluated for their grade placement by the Director of academics.
  • Program director will determine the placement of the student in the appropriate class in the program.
  • All students must read, sign, and abide by the Rules and Regulations Form.
  • Academic tutoring is free of charge but students must pay for the academic registration fees.
  • Returning students will pay a yearly reentry fee of $100.

Admission Day:

  • Application approval letter
  • Birth certificate of student
  • Previous school records
  • Letter of recommendation from previous Islamic school (if applicable)
  • Recent utility bill (confirm mailing address)
  • Most recent Tax return (if applying for financial aid)
  • $200 admission fee

Parent or Guardian (accompanied by students under 21 years of age)
Please Note: Darul Uloom New York reserves the right to accept or reject a student, and is not obliged to explain its decision.

Please be advised that DUNY will be closed in accordance with the NYC Public Schools closing.
All students are advised to collect all their books and materials for home study.
We are going to implement online classes. All details will be shared via emails.