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Ifta Course

The advanced Specialisation in Fiqh and Ifta’ Program is a rigorous two-year course for which only a dozen or so places are available each year. The course is available to students who can show a high level of competence in the field of fiqh and can rigorously maintain a long-distant online studying schedule full time.

This is a post-graduate course focused on developing the ability of ‘alimiyya graduates to proficiently research and formulate legal responses (fatwa) to both complex and everyday issues (nawazil).

The course comprises the study of important texts on usul al-fiqh (legal theory), qawa’id al-fiqh (legal maxims), usul al-ifta’ (principles of fatwa giving) and juz’iat and furu’ al-fiqh (derivative rulings).

Students study research methodology and the ifta’ process in depth to attain proficiency in research and answering questions according to classical and traditional methods, but while taking into consideration contemporary demands and sensitivities. Over the full-time course period of two years, students practice answering over a thousand questions on a variety of essential topics required to guide people towards an honest and righteous Islamic life in the fast-changing world we find ourselves in.


The second year of the course includes a specialization in at least one of a number of important areas:

  • Islamic Bioethics (Medical Ethics and Medicine)
  • Islamic Family and Marital Law
  • Islamic Food and Dietary Law
  • Islamic Inheritance Law
  • Citizenship, Integration, and Political Issues
  • Islamic Trade, Commerce, and Finance
  • Fiqh of Women
  • Menstruation, Post-Natal Bleeding, Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding
  • Astronomy and Prayer Times

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