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Student Sponsorship Program

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Welcome to Darul Uloom NY’s

Helping young boys and girls access the education they deserve!

We sincerely appreciate your interest in supporting our cause and helping needy students pursue their Islamic education. By sponsoring a student, you can make a significant impact in the lives of young boys and girls while strengthening the Islamic community in America.

We are seeking 25 Student Sponsorships by August 15, 2023

The student sponsorship program provides financial assistance to young boys and girls who are unable to afford our annual tuition fees. The annual tuition fees for non-boarding students amount to $3,600.

We offer a comprehensive curriculum that includes Hafiz, Hafiza, Alim, and Alima courses.


No longer are young and motivated seekers of knowledge required to travel abroad to learn the authentic Islamic Sciences. You can now study the full-time ‘Alim Course right here in the United States of America. Students of the ‘Alim Course at Darul Uloom New York will not only cover all the subjects and materials in a full-fledged higher Islamic Sciences program but will master the following:

  • Arabic Grammar (Syntax and Morphology)
  • Arabic Literature (Speech, Composition, and Rhetoric)
  • Islamic Theology (‘Aqidah)
  • Fiqh (Jurisprudence)
  • Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence (Usul al-Fiqh)
  • Logic (Mantiq)
  • Hadith (Prophetic Traditions)
  • ‘Ulum al-Hadith (Sciences of Hadith Interpretation)
  • Tafsir al-Quran (Exegesis)
  • Usul al-Tafsir (Principles of Exegesis)
  • Sirah (Prophetic Biography)