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Ramadan 2024



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Our mission

Sponsoring Iftar: A Path to Abundant Blessings

The Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) highlighted the immense value of providing for those fasting in Ramadan. He promised significant rewards for those who feed the fasting, essentially sharing the same merit as the ones observing the fast. This act of sponsorship not only multiplies your blessings but also strengthens community bonds, embodying the true spirit of Ramadan.

Our vision

Empowering Ramadan Through Your Support

Your kind donation to our Ramadan sponsorship initiative plays a crucial role in facilitating Taraweeh Prayers, special Ramadan Programs, and Iftar gatherings for the community. It helps in acquiring necessary amenities such as tents, flooring, heaters, and lighting, among other essentials. With your support, we’re able to provide a comprehensive and spiritually enriching Ramadan experience for all participants.

Our story

Decades of Dedication: Darul Uloom’s Iftar Legacy

For over 15 years, Darul Uloom has been a pillar of support for the community, hosting Iftar gatherings that bring people together during Ramadan. Through its unwavering commitment, it has provided countless individuals with the opportunity to break their fast in a welcoming and spiritual environment. This enduring effort underscores Darul Uloom’s deep-rooted dedication to fostering unity and nurturing faith among its members.

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