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Welcome to Darul Uloom NY’s

Sponsorship Program

Helping young boys and girls access the education they deserve!
We sincerely appreciate your interest in supporting our cause and helping needy students pursue their Islamic education. By sponsoring a student, you can make a significant impact in the lives of young boys and girls while strengthening the Islamic community in America.

Seeking 25 Student Sponsorships
by August 15, 2023

Helping young boys and girls access the education they deserve!
The student sponsorship program provides financial assistance to young boys and girls who are unable to afford our annual tuition fees. The annual tuition fees for non-boarding students amount to $4,800.
"Be the Hero
in a Student's

Sponsored Student Quotes

Thank you! To our wonderful Sponsors, our awesome
community & fantastic volunteers for a Successful
community League Day!

Abida Shaik

Student of DUNY


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Sponsor a Student's

Future with
We offer a comprehensive curriculum that includes

Hafiz, Hafiza, Alim, and Alima Courses.

No longer are young and motivated seekers of knowledge required to travel abroad to learn the authentic Islamic Sciences. You can now study the full-time ‘Alim Course right here in the United States of America. Students of the ‘Alim Course at Darul Uloom New York will not only cover all the subjects and materials in a full-fledged higher Islamic Sciences program but will master the following:
Arabic Grammar
(Syntax and Morphology)
Arabic Literature
(Speech, Composition, and Rhetoric)
Islamic Theology
Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence
(Usul al-Fiqh)
(Prophetic Traditions)
‘Ulum al-Hadith
(Sciences of Hadith Interpretation)
Tafsir al-Quran
Usul al-Tafsir
(Principles of Exegesis)
Usul al-Tafsir
(Principles of Exegesis)

Darul Uloom NY

Is one of the oldest, largest, and most respected Islamic schools in NY.
  • $We are a registered non-profit charitable organization with public charity status in the US.
  • $Since 1997, our institute has provided authentic Islamic knowledge and values in a nurturing Islamic environment.
  • $We offer an academically challenging curriculum for boys and girls, producing outstanding leaders with strong morals.
  • $Our institute has a high ratio of students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds, including orphans and those eligible to receive Zakat.
  • $We actively engage with the local community, bringing in community leaders, politicians, and law enforcement to address important issues.
  • $Our Imams, Huffaaz, and esteemed graduates provide services for Friday Jumma prayers, local events, Ramadan Taraweeh, and support Muslim American masjids and communities nationwide.

Your gift can change a life!


Darul Uloom NY

  • $It is crucial to establish Islamic schools to preserve the Islamic identity of children.
  • $Without proper Islamic education, children may adopt secular values over Islamic ones.
  • $Islamic schools play a vital role in preserving Islam in America, ensuring that the next generation remains connected to their Islamic heritage.

A Chance to Sponsor a Dream:
Will You Take It?!

Darul Uloom NY's

Student Sponsorship Program!

We sincerely request your generous support in sponsoring our needy students and helping them access the education they deserve. Together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of these young boys and girls. Thank you for your consideration and support.
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Hadith #1:

The Prophet (PBUH) said: “Seeking Knowledge is an obligation on every Muslim.”

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"How Your Small Contribution Can
Change a Life (recommended)"

Hadith #3:

"What Your Contribution Can
Achieve This Semester"
Optional Motivational
"A Child's Education is in Your Hands"
"A Student's Dream is Just a Click Away"
"A Child's Education is in Your Hands"
"Can You Help Us Shape a Brighter Tomorrow?"
"Education is a Right, Let's Make it Happen."
"Help a Child Break Barriers with Education"
"Help a Child Reach Their Potential in 2023-24"
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"How Your Small Contribution Can Change a Life (recommended)"
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